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Deeper than Confetti: An Introspective Year

Posted by Eric Francis


I’ve been watching the news the past few weeks for signs and symbols of Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, which ended Monday. This and the surrounding astrology (covered in Tuesday’s edition featuring Twin Peaks) caps off a deeply introspective year. I feel confident saying everyone learned a lot about themselves. Yet it was also a truly intriguing moment for personal-meets-political.

A Whole Lotta Scorpio

Posted by Eric Francis


The Sun will be in Scorpio for a couple of more days, though this is no ordinary journey of the Sun through this sign. Last week we experienced the first eclipse of the Sun in Scorpio since 1995. At the same time, Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio. Over the weekend we experienced an event that blended the two — Mercury and the Sun formed a conjunction on the North Node of the Moon.

The Affairs of Captain America

Posted by Eric Francis


Everything in the world was proceeding normally and calmly as usual, and life was simple — that is, until Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s chief foreign affairs correspondent, interrupted MSNBC’s regular programming last Friday afternoon (Nov. 9) at 2:51 pm EST with the news that David Petraeus, the chief of the CIA, had resigned due to an extramarital affair. This is an unusual kind of news for the days after a presidential election, which are usually pretty sedate.

2012 Election: The Mercury Retrograde Factor

Posted by Eric F Coppolino

2012 Election: The Mercury Retrograde Factor

Dear Friend and Reader: For a year now, Planet Waves has been sounding the alarm that Mercury would be stationing retrograde on Election Day 2012. We knew this would happen at the culmination of what seemed to be a national movement to suppress the vote, in particular, the Democratic vote. The Republicans have long known […]