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Chiron and Pluto: An Evolutionary Moment

Posted by Eric Francis


Today’s edition is a shorter one — I’ve designated the last week of the month the “cool our jets” week, wherein we get to take a breath and work on a few projects that get lost in the gust of astrology and news. This week’s horoscope was written by Genevieve Hathaway, who is roaming Egypt; I have done some light revisions. In a few moments I also have some information for you about this weekend’s astrology, which features Chiron and Pluto.

The Lighter Side of Taurus

Posted by Eric Francis


The Sun is now in Taurus, the first earth sign of the astrological year, and the first fixed sign. After the fiery start of the cycle in Aries, Taurus stands as an anchor in the zodiac, making sure that the cosmic wheel doesn’t go flying off the axle. Taurus offers consistency, a sense of grounding in the sensual world, and its own special kind of fertile chaos.

Spring 2012: The Deep Background

Posted by Eric Francis


By now you may be familiar with some elements of the astrology of the (Northern Hemisphere) spring of 2012 — a pair of eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius, Venus stationing retrograde, and the Venus transit of the Sun on June 5. These events lead us into the first exact meeting of Uranus and Pluto in a square aspect — the Uranus-Pluto square, just past the solstice on June 24.

Titanic: The Atlantis Connection

Posted by Eric Francis


Evangeline Adams, the mother of modern American astrology, is said to have advised her client J. Pierpont Morgan, “Do not get on the Titanic.” Morgan, a man so wealthy he twice saved the United States from bankruptcy, depended on astrology, and she was his astrologer. Though there is no official recording of Adams’ statement, it’s a well-regarded bit of astrological lore. Looking at the chart for the ship departing Southampton, England at noon on April 10, 1912, it’s easy to see why she would have made that recommendation.

Friday Planet Waves Will be Distributed Friday at 4 pm

Posted by Eric Francis


We are as usual getting ready with the Friday edition — which this week will be on the astrology and mythology of the Titanic for the 100th anniversary of its sinking.

I have just scored an amazing interview, with a British Titanic historian who has written three books on the topic — Tim Maltin, who spoke to me for over an hour this afternoon. By the way, he is part of a special that will be airing this weekend on the Smithsonian channel.

Aries 2012

Posted by Eric Francis


Weekly Horoscope for Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 #930 | By Eric Francis You have seen the ways that working with precision and high focus benefit you. Now the focus is on ethics. This is a bigger problem, because in our current version of the world, good work is sometimes rewarded, while honesty is not. But […]

Mars stations direct; Sun conjunct Eris

Posted by Eric Francis


Mars stations direct Friday, after spending about 11 weeks retrograde in Virgo. It’s slowing to a station opposite Neptune and Chiron in early Pisces. This is a week to take one step at a time; to proceed one day at a time. Mars changing directions is about a precise realignment of your will. I suggest you handle this change like you’ve got a welding torch in your hands.

The Intersection of You and the World

Posted by Eric Francis


Poets and artists are usually the ones who notice that the world as we see it is going away before our eyes. Art is not just descriptive, or an ethical comment on existence, but also an attempt to make the feeling of the current world last a little longer than it might — and to evoke the vision of something new or deeper. Yet there is so much happening it would be helpful if something existed that everyone could contribute to.