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Inner Space Horoscope for December 2011

Posted by Eric Francis


The month begins during the interval between two eclipses. We had a partial eclipse of the Sun in Sagittarius this past Friday, Nov. 25, and now we’re heading for an especially potent total eclipse of the Moon in Gemini on Saturday, Dec. 10. This won’t be visible from most of North America, but we’ll feel it as an acceleration of time, and the sensation of polarization in our human encounters.

Your Astrological Guide to Thanksgiving

Posted by Eric Francis


Before we get into the month-ahead themes, the astrology of the next few days is so interesting that it calls for some special focus. For many people, Thanksgiving (in the United States, held the last Thursday in November) is a family holiday, and family environments are often emotionally challenging. This may literally involve brain function: encounters with people in our family of origin tend to light up old neurological pathways, and grown adults can have reactions similar to small children when they encounter their relatives.

The Nature of the Beast

Posted by Eric Francis


There is a kind of combat happening on the streets of New York City, and many cities across the United States. Evicting the calm, sedate protest from Zuccotti Park Tuesday morning caused the Occupy Wall Street movement’s two-month celebration, long planned for November 17, to cascade into a massive event that New York City officials could not control. There are more people than police in New York City and every city in the world. Nearly everyone is affected by the economic issues that the Occupy protesters are organizing around, and crackdowns are only having the effect of bringing more people into the movement.

Deep Sky Survey, and The Week of the Centaurs

Posted by Eric Francis


It was excellent to have a week to dive into the 2012 charts full-on, in preparation for writing Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. I’ve been studying these horoscopes for years, looking for clues, writing many articles along the way and putting my discoveries together into a coherent theory. (Those articles are gathered together in an e-book called Light Bridge: The 25-Year Span).

The Most Important Year of Your Life

Posted by Eric Francis

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I would be doing some occasional rearranging of the publishing schedule to accommodate work on the 2012 annual edition of Planet Waves — Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. We’ve arrived at the first such week; expect a few others. Regular editions of Planet Waves will resume next week.

Neptune to Chiron: from Denial to Awareness

Posted by Eric Francis


I’m wondering what kind of week you had. What did you experience and what did you learn the past five days? It’s been an unusually interesting sky, as Mercury and Venus (personal planets associated with emotions and senses) first made aspects to Neptune (denial, delusion) then to Chiron (painful revelation or healing impulse) and Uranus (sudden awareness, ideas, invention).

Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope — November 2011

Posted by Eric Francis


November is the month when the Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. As autumn develops, the theme evolves from the deepest emotional and sexual consciousness (flavored by Days of the Dead in early November) to the most etheric, global and cosmic. Yet the concepts of these two signs contain one another. Scorpio and Sagittarius present us with an essential diagram of the human experience, representing the two seeming polarities of what we long for.