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Tales from the Other Side of Astrology

Posted by Eric Francis


Being an astrologer is sometimes like being a metaphysical minister. People assume we have a connection to the other side, and many of us do. Practicing astrology helps people enhance their subtle senses. There is a need to reach a little beyond the obvious, into the unseen, and this gradually helps us open doors. More significantly, astrologers are presumed to be open-minded about things that other people won’t believe in, or won’t go near. We hear about a vast diversity of human experiences, including plenty that people would never tell their therapist.

Scorpio New Moon and the November Monthly Horoscope

Posted by Eric Francis


Wednesday is the Scorpio New Moon — and as you might expect this is a deep chart. There are many points aligned in Scorpio, and both rulers of that sign (Mars, the traditional ruler and Pluto, the modern ruler) are taking aspects from other planets. I would describe this as a moment of reevaluation, in a time when the door is open to asking real questions.

A Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

Posted by Eric Francis


This week I’ve been enjoying the stream of paranoid emails and Facebook messages that have started to reach me, wherein people are freaked out about how there is actually a populist uprising going on the United States. I concede that we have good reason to believe that the power brokers will be nervous that someone is actually noticing that the average Goldman Sachs employee makes $292,000 per year. This is the same company that placed bets that an oil rig would blow up in the Gulf of Mexico. Remember that? Fabulous Fabio and his infamous, “Suck it up, fishies and birdies”?

Notes from #Occupy: Looking for Common Ground

Posted by Eric Francis


On Saturday, I went to a big rally in Times Square that was part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Around the world in an estimated 1,500 other cities, similar protests were happening. This was one day after Mayor Michael Bloomberg wisely chose to not clear out the movement’s base camp in Zuccotti Park, in New York’s financial district. I arrived a little early, wondering what would happen.

The Foiled Plot to End All Protests

Posted by Eric Francis


Last week, I cautioned that some kind of false-flag event might be used to disrupt the Occupy Wall Street protests that have now spread to 1,100 cities in the United States. As of press time, the protesters had too strong a presence in Zuccotti Park for New York City to move ahead with its proposed ‘cleaning’ of the park first thing Friday morning. Protesters spent the night mopping and scrubbing the plaza in the financial district.

Relationships From the Inside Out

Posted by Eric Francis


With the Moon waxing toward full [see Planet Waves coverage of tonight’s Full Moon] the Occupy Wall Street protests spread to many cities and states around the country. All weekend, an Occupy Sesame Street spoof was running loose on the Internet, a clue that the movement has gone mainstream, as protests turned up in many cities across the country.

Leia Marie LaTorre and Steve Jobs

Posted by Eric Francis


Here in Kingston, a young woman named Leia LaTorre apparently took her life Sunday morning. I knew her pretty well, but many of my friends grew up with her, and this has been especially shocking for them, and for her family. Everyone is going to be experiencing this for years. I keep imagining I see her on the street. Right or wrong, we’re all thinking the same thing. This was not necessary. What could I have done?

2012 Letter: Not Your Parents’ Activism

Posted by Eric Francis


Monday morning I picked up my local paper, attracted by the headline, “Wall Street Protest Grows; Demonstrators Vow to Hang In.” The occupation of a small plaza in the midst of New York City’s financial district has entered its third week and is showing no signs of letting up. The plaza, called Zuccotti Park, is owned by a private real estate development company, not the city, so police cannot raid the protest without the permission of the property owner.