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Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope — September 2011

Posted by Eric Francis

The Virgo New Moon two days ago set the tone for September. The Sun and Moon aligned with two different goddesses — one being Venus (the bright planet that will soon be visible in the evening sky) and the other being Isis (an asteroid, and the alignment was precise). There is a receptive, intelligent energy in the air; use it wisely, listen before you speak and remember to keep your mind in the ‘on’ position.

September: From Virgo to Libra

Posted by Eric Francis


September is the month of the equinox. Whether you’re a reader in the Northern Hemisphere or the Southern, the Sun soon enters Libra, which is illustrated by scales — of balance, of duality and the ones held by Astraea, the goddess of justice. To me, the thing that stands out the most about Libra is its affinity for elegance and beauty.

Catching the Last Rays of Summer

Posted by Eric Francis


In the spirit of catching the last rays of summer and giving the whole Planet Waves team a little extra space to breathe, this will be a “horoscope only” Friday. I’ll also be adjusting the schedule for next week, publishing one issue on Wednesday night — the monthly horoscope and a special introduction that will cover the Sun entering Virgo, the Virgo New Moon and Mercury stationing direct.

Chiron Files: Tales of Mercury and Chiron

Posted by Eric Francis

Mercury is the original planet associated with Virgo, but with the discovery of Chiron in 1977, a new player got involved. Chiron is also associated with Sagittarius. The difference is that the healing aspect of Chiron is attributed to Virgo, and the questing aspect of Chiron is attributed to Sagittarius. In this edition of Chiron Files, I would like to cover Mercury Retrograde (Aug. 2 through Aug. 26), which involves a relationship between Mercury and Chiron.

On the Shores of Scorpionic America

Posted by Eric Francis


If ever there was a week during the past nine years and 11 months to wonder what is happening in the United States charts, this would be the week. The debt ceiling hostage game that ended less than two weeks ago led to a reduction of the U.S. credit rating, which in turn set off a week of madness on world stock exchanges.

The Dog Moon & Cygnus the Swan: Ex Ovo Omnia

Posted by Eric Francis


This Saturday, Aug. 13, is the Aquarius Full Moon, at about 2:58 pm EDT. Traditionally, the Full Moon of August is sometimes called the Dog Moon. This is a reference to the “dog days” of summer, which were named after the star Sirius, of the constellation Canis Major (Latin for greater dog). Sirius is by far the brightest star in the sky and was also known as “the scorcher.” Sirius’ proximity to the Sun at this time of year was thought to be linked to the hot weather.

Into the 8th Houses of the United States

Posted by Eric Francis


Sunday night I was out in New Paltz, our little San Francisco here in Ulster County, interviewing a couple who wants to model for my photo studio. It was a beautiful, warm summer evening. We were outside Mexicali Blue, a gourmet taco place not to miss if you’re ever in town. Our conversation was veering from art into social issues, such as the nature of education, environmental toxins and the whole debt ceiling crisis that was at that point still in flux.