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May is Self-Awareness Month

Posted by Eric Francis


In late 2010, one of the Planet Waves editors posted to our blog an article she found about the odd relationship options offered by Facebook (for example, the category ‘it’s complicated’ being a stand-in for everything other than something supposedly normal, without saying what). Following that article back to its source, a blog called, I discovered the existence of a singles movement.

Planet Waves Inner Space Horoscope for May 2011

Posted by Eric Francis


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, May is the season of Beltane, also known as Midspring holiday. The theme is love and abundance, explored consciously as part of our relationship to the planet. No matter how weird things may get on Earth, we are still in a relationship to the planet, and Beltane is the time to take that in a positive and creative direction. The timing is when the Sun reaches the midpoint of Taurus, usually on May 5.

Weather Advisory: Mercury Stations Direct

Posted by Eric Francis


As mentioned earlier in the week, we don’t have a full issue today. However, Mercury is stationing direct Saturday, so it seemed worth offering a few words about that. To sum up: Mercury goes direct tomorrow, but I suggest you take it slow getting up to speed with that energy. The station direct is a key time for information coming out; let it do that. Learn what you need to know before beginning something, moving on an idea, or making a purchase or commitment.

From Aries to Taurus, and the Mercury Storm

Posted by Eric Francis


With the Sun about to move from the sign of I Am (Aries) to the sign of I Have (Taurus), we’re at the cusp of the two concepts. Yet the imaginary line between them (and their corresponding realities) is not clearly defined. In our materially oriented society, there’s plenty of overlap between being and having. Were there not, you could never sell someone a car based on its supposed prestige value. We have this idea that what we have defines who we are. It’s easier the other way.

Me, Myself and I: Note from Aries

Posted by Eric Francis


Dear Friend and Reader The Moon reaches full phase in Libra this weekend. A Full Moon dependably shakes up the emotional and psychic energy, and at the moment there is plenty shaking. With many planets in Aries, including Mercury retrograde brewing like a vat of cider, we’re likely to be feeling a bit extra shuffled […]

Varuna-Eris: Subscribers Take the Floor

Posted by Eric Francis


Dear Friend and Reader: Sunday, I posted a note about the Varuna-Eris square, an aspect between two of the newly discovered, very slow-moving planets that was highlighted yesterday by an exact quarter-Moon. Though I’ve written relatively little about Varuna, I thought I would take a chance and get reader input on this aspect and the […]

Through the Looking Glass

Posted by Eric Francis


Neptune entered Pisces this week. In astrology, one of the measures of significance is how rare an event is. Neptune has not been in this position since 1847, just one year after its discovery, and a good while before the Civil War ripped the United States in half. No living person has experienced this transit before. So that qualifies as news. It’s especially news given that for the past 12 years, Neptune’s presence in Aquarius has worked like a fog machine to obscure the difference between truth and lies, to the degree where many are pleasantly oblivious to any distinction at all.

Chiron Files: Spring Cleaning

Posted by Eric Francis


Cleaning is healthy activity for humans, particularly here in the Western world where our lives become cluttered with both stuff and activity. The word less often means ‘restoring a hygienic condition’ and more often means getting rid of what is no longer needed. This month there is an unusual surge of Aries energy as Mercury, the Sun and Mars join slow-movers Jupiter, Uranus and Eris.