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Inner Space Horoscope for March 2011

Posted by Eric Francis


The Sun is now in Pisces for the next few weeks, and Chiron is in Pisces for the next eight years. Chiron in Pisces defines an era of astrology where many will come to terms with the idea, and the reality, of emotional healing. Most of the problems faced by individuals and, when you add that up, by our whole society, come back to unresolved emotional issues.

Revolution in the Aries (or is it Pisces)

Posted by Eric Francis


Revolution is seething in one of the unlikeliest regions of the world: not merely North Africa and the Middle East, but the United States. We might have asked when the people ruled by imams, mullahs, sultans, princes, kings, ayatollahs and ordinary leech despots were going to get restless. We might have guessed it would happen right around when Uranus and Pluto lined up in their current square aspect.

Is Our Obsession With Relationships Healthy?

Posted by Eric Francis


Today is the annual cult of romance known as Valentine’s Day.

It’s time for all the coupled people to buy chocolate and flowers and diamonds, and pump the romance of their love affairs; time for all the uncoupled people to unabashedly ramp up their search for the special relationship; or to sit home woefully dreaming of what might someday be or what one day was. With each passing year, Valentine’s Day competes with Christmas and Halloween for the “most money spent” award. Many single people feel left out; for some it’s a sad day.

Egypt: For Now, the People are in Charge

Posted by Eric Francis


After yesterday’s very strange day in Egypt — beginning with early reports by numerous supposedly reliable sources that Mubarak would resign and ending with him transferring power to Vice President Omar Suleiman, but keeping the title of president — nobody can say for sure what is happening in Egypt. Today is expected to be the biggest day of protest since the demonstrations began 18 days ago.

Advent: Chiron in Pisces

Posted by Eric Francis


Today is the day that Chiron enters Pisces, where it will stay until 2018-2019. This is Chiron at the slow end of its orbit, in outer-planet mode. It seems like only yesterday (in the mid-1990s) when Chiron was clipping through a sign in just 18 months. I am here with an extended special edition audio presentation about this transit. The recording is about 35 minutes, and describes the three basic levels of Chiron in Pisces: water itself, the emotional realm and the spiritual realm. I describe all three in the audio, and end with a bit of history about Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius.

Something About Egypt

Posted by Eric Francis


There are three things to keep in mind about Egypt at this juncture, while its destiny is now being slugged out on the streets of Cairo with clubs and Molotov cocktails. One is how old the place is. I believe the oldest relics of human creation on Earth can be found there. Archeologists are starting to figure out that their estimates of the age of the Sphinx, for example, were a little on the low side. The thing was being repaired during the Old Kingdom, so it may have been there before what we think of as Egypt showed up.

Aquarius New Moon: Taking a Chance Being Yourself

Posted by Eric Francis


Wednesday evening (Thursday in European and Australian time zones) the Aquarius New Moon lights up the planet waves. This is a vibrant event, concentrating seven planets and points in Aquarius, happening right as the Sun passes over the midpoint of that sign. This lunation is taking place right in the midst of the Egyptian situation, which we are studying carefully. The situation is likely to move fast right around the New Moon and we will have additional coverage on our main blog and in Friday’s edition.