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How to Cross an Ocean; How to Light a Fire

Posted by Eric Francis


Pisces, as the last sign of the zodiac, represents the primal waters to which thought, action and memory return — and from which they emerge. Seawater contains traces of nearly every element, from oxygen to iron to gold. The history of humanity is contained in the world’s oceans, as rivers course through canyons and cities and carry everything to the shore.

Mercury Stations Direct Overnight Wednesday

Posted by Eric Francis


First, in case you missed Friday’s edition because you were traveling, I posted a year in review horoscope. The January monthly horoscope, called “How to Cross an Ocean,” will be posted Friday morning. This is an extended edition, previewing Light Bridge, the 2011 annual edition of Planet Waves. Until Light Bridge publishes in January, I’ll keep Planet Waves on a slightly slower schedule.

Friend to Friend: A Bit of Quaker Astrology

Posted by Eric Francis


Today is Christmas Eve, so I thought I would do something borrowing from an old Christian tradition. I’ve only mentioned being Quaker a few times on these pages, though it’s a significant piece of my philosophical heritage. I made this discovery as a kid, after attending Friends summer camps for five years (Quaker is old-fashioned shorthand for The Religious Society of Friends).

12/21: Total Eclipse of the Moon in Gemini

Posted by Eric Francis


Overnight tonight we will experience a total eclipse of the Moon in Gemini. This is the Gemini Full Moon, happening with the Sun on its last day of Sagittarius, just on the eve of the solstice. So we have a rare combination of a total eclipse within hours of the change of seasons. Though it may feel a bit edgy as it approaches — especially with Mercury retrograde — this is an event with the potential for resolution, closure and transition into something new.

Let’s keep an eye on this one — or better yet, both eyes

Posted by Eric Francis


Normally we distribute the early-week edition on Tuesday, but there’s an intriguing astrological event that takes place starting today. This extends overnight and into tomorrow afternoon, so I’ve decided to run this edition today. It’s based on a blog post from over the weekend though please note that there are some reinterpretations of the astrology in this version. Monthly horoscopes for January will be distributed after the solstice, schedule to be announced.

A Homeopathic Moment: Mercury Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis


Earlier this morning, Mercury stationed retrograde in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto. Mercury will be retrograde until Dec. 30, a span of time covering an eclipse of the Moon and the Northern Hemisphere winter solstice, as well as the holiday travel season. Mercury will dip back into late Sagittarius, treading in reverse over the Galactic Core, then after stationing direct make another conjunction to the core early next year.

In the Dark of Daytime

Posted by Eric Francis

Sometimes you don’t need so much astrology to do astrology. Everyone knows that in the Northern Hemisphere we tend to have very short days around the time of the winter solstice, which is approaching in about three weeks. At the December solstice, the astrological system resets, the Sun enters the sign Capricorn.