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December: Sagittarius Sun, and an Intriguing Solstice

Posted by Eric Francis


The Sun is now in Sagittarius. This is such an interesting time of year, but we tend to miss the spiritual qualities because our lives are so focused outwardly — shopping, preparing for family gatherings and going a bit nuts with year-end duties, depending on what business you’re in. In the Northern Hemisphere the days grow shorter at this time of year, drawing us inward: but everything seems to be focused on others and on the world of activity.

Holiday Week Schedule Change

Posted by Eric Francis


We will be on a holiday schedule this week; here in the United States, it’s Thanksgiving, and most people have a three-day work week. I’ve decided to consolidate to one publication this week, which will be the monthly horoscope and an extended introduction on Friday morning.

For the Akashic Record — 7:07 pm, Nov. 21, 2010

Posted by Planet Waves


On the eve of the conversation I describe below, Chronogram magazine, for which I’ve written the horoscope since 1995, held a party in Rhinebeck. Outside the party, I spoke for a moment with Jason Stern, my friend of many years and then-publisher of Chronogram. I said, seemingly out of nowhere, that one of the blights on my conscience was not being able to shut down the dioxin contaminated dorms at SUNY New Paltz.

In the Wings: Taurus Full Moon

Posted by Eric Francis


Last week I described the rare alignment in Sagittarius, consisting of many kinds of planets. That was the one conjunct the Great Attractor with all the political themes. It’s still happening. So far there have been a lot of quirky news stories this week, from Charles Rangle running wrangle to the one about getting X-ray photographed naked or groped by the TSA as a condition of flying [funny CNN video here].

And What Are We Attracting?

Posted by Eric Francis


In recent podcasts, I’ve been tracking a planetary alignment that’s soon to arrive, just as Venus stations direct next week. This grouping, already underway, is a collection of both major and minor planets gathering around a deep-space point called the Great Attractor, located in mid-Sagittarius. These include planets you’ve definitely heard of (Mercury, Mars) and ones you may not have heard of (Pholus, Ixion).

Chiron Files: Erotic Health and Venus Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis


Venus is retrograde and the Sun is in Scorpio. We’ve just experienced a New Moon in that sign, conjunct Vesta. In traditional astrology, this is the sign of the privy parts, and that deep, compelling emotional/hormonal quality that makes you want to say yes. When it happens, a rare planetary retrograde like Venus takes center stage in the celestial order. This transit, which lasts till Nov. 18, is first and foremost about connecting with what we desire.