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Clearing the Smog of War

Posted by Eric Francis

In the dozen years that Neptune has been in Aquarius — a transit that started the same year Bill Clinton was impeached, 1998 — there’s been an absurd increase in secrecy by government agencies. Particularly since the Sept. 11 incident, it seems like everything has become a state secret, held in the interest of national security and fighting terrorism. George Bush even traveled to Europe with a Secret Service portable potty to prevent foreign spies from analyzing his poo.

It’s Not Always Like This — But It Is Now

Posted by Eric Francis

Astrology is always interesting, but the aspects are not always like this. They don’t always push us so hard to get our lives together, work toward our true goals and get rid of the ones that we don’t really want. At the moment we are in the midst of many slow-moving planets — the Gods of Change, as they were once described by one of the great Brits of astrology — making moves and making many aspects to one another.

Let’s Get Real: Saturn in Libra

Posted by Eric Francis


Have you ever caught yourself or someone you care about describing this scenario: when you’re in a relationship you have to put your authentic life agenda aside, and be the ‘relationship you’, until you can’t stand it any more and you get out of the relationship so you can go back to being the ‘real you’ for a while? This way you can ‘focus on yourself’ and be creative and do the things you love; which works until you want a relationship again, for sex or companionship or both, but to get there you have to lose yourself and sacrifice what you consider the most important.

Tuesday, Planets on the Edge

Posted by Eric Francis

Today the Sun is right at the end of the sign Cancer. It’s one of my astrological traditions to publish the new monthly horoscope only after the Sun has entered the new sign; that happens Thursday evening in the States, overnight Thursday to Friday in Europe or Friday in Australia.

A Pause in the Anti-Sixties

Posted by Eric Francis


How does it feel not to have crude oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico?

As of the current moment, the blown out Deepwater Horizon well is still capped “like a soda bottle,” in the words of The New York Times. This is part of a 48-hour integrity test to check whether oil will leak out underground or elsewhere in the system once it was sealed and therefore put under pressure. For the first time in 86 days, after many failed and dubiously sincere attempts, the flow of oil was finally stopped Thursday afternoon at 2:25 pm local time.

About the Moon: House and Sign

Posted by Eric Francis

One week ago today, I sent out an assignment, suggesting that if you’re into astrology it’s a good idea to know the house and sign of your Moon. With the Sun (and a recent solar eclipse) in Cancer, I thought this was an appropriate time to get you started. Many people are participating in a discussion page on the topic. [Note that Tuesdays we run monthly horoscopes when available. Today’s edition is a bit more elaborate than I usually do on an off-horoscope Tuesday — this article took on a life of its own, and our Moon Experiment is turning into a fun adventure.]

In the Nature of Water

Posted by Eric Francis

We have nearly arrived at the total solar eclipse in Cancer. There are many kinds of eclipses, and this is just the second total solar eclipse in Cancer since the June 2001 event that rewrote existence. (The most recent was last July.) The June 21, 2001 eclipse was precisely on the Aries Point, in the first degree of the sign Cancer. In other words, it happened on the solstice, and was extraordinarily powerful for that reason.

Astro Basics: Know Your Moon Sign

Posted by Eric Francis

We’re into that phase of the month when Tuesday editions are something other than monthly horoscopes — here is the July long monthly and here is July Inner Space. We also have interesting coverage of Sunday’s solar eclipse on Daily Adventure & Adventure, our main blog — which today includes coverage of the point Lilith.