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An Eclipse on the Event Horizon

Posted by Eric Francis

This weekend, Saturday at 7:30 am EDT (4:30 am PDT, 12:30 pm BST) is a partial eclipse of the Moon in Capricorn. [Most ephemerides list this as the time of the Full Moon; others list the eclipse separately eight minutes later.] This is an eclipse on the Aries Point, with many planets involved. Said another way, we have an eclipse close to the change of seasons, which always brings something, or many things, that are truly unusual.

The Greatest Aries Point Show on Earth

Posted by Eric Francis


We are approaching the summer solstice, one of the most concentrated astrological moments of the year. This plays into an existing setup of planets gathering in the places where the changes of seasons are focused. As referenced many times on these pages, this is called the Aries Point: the imaginary cross in the sky that goes from Aries to Libra and Cancer to Capricorn.

A question for you

Posted by Eric Francis

This is the week when I’m working on the July monthly horoscopes. For those new to our schedule, there are monthly horoscopes offered on the first two Tuesdays that the Sun is in a new zodiac sign (at the end of the calendar month). Then if my schedule permits, I will do something else the other Tuesdays. For today’s edition I have a request for you. Thanks in advance for a moment of your time.

The Element: Water

Posted by Eric Francis

As the week has developed, the situation in the Gulf of Mexico has reached new dimensions of dire, and the story has followed the pattern of every other chemical disaster only on a scale that few people can imagine. It’s as if human greed and hubris have unleashed a pestilence of mythical proportions. The undersea well uncontrollably gushing out oil, turning the ocean to blood, is like a vision of the end of days more apropos of the Book of Revelation than The New York Times. The question is, what is the message?

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus: Reality Checkpoint

Posted by Eric Francis

Today we arrive at the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus, in the first degree of Aries. As I’ve written many times, this is one of the key events in the 2012 astrological pattern, which peaks when the Mayan long count reaches day on Dec. 21, 2012. The astrological pattern associated with 2012 in Western astrology involves many planets converging around the ‘personal is political’ region of the zodiac known as the Aries Point.

Reaching the Edge of an Idea

Posted by Eric Francis

Days away from the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Aries, all you have to do is watch television for five minutes before you recognize that the world is in the midst of a worst-case scenario. The truth is, regarding the oil volcano in the Gulf, it’s now been six weeks and it remains out of control despite one failed effort after the next to contain the gusher. Most people are significantly underestimating the global scale of this crisis. Meanwhile there are significant issues on many other fronts, from banking to war, each of them threatening a major regional or global situation.