Monthly Archives: February 2010

The One and the Many

Posted by Eric Francis


The other day, an email came floating into my inbox from a website called Care2, a green-styled corporate site purportedly dedicated to saving the world, claiming 12.5 million subscribers. The subject header of the email read, “Monogamy vs. Polyamory: Do Open Relationships Work?”

Ripple: Chiron, Neptune and the Aquarius New Moon

Posted by Eric Francis

We are now in the deeps of the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, about to come spiraling out the other side. I trust that by now you’re at least familiar with this event, if only from noticing how weird things are. The thing is, we’re distracted by the fantasy world that surrounds all the strangeness: the Neptune overdrive. Is there any dimension of this aspect that doesn’t involve a 3G connection?

Aquarius New Moon: What Do You Want?

Posted by Eric Francis

As you may have figured out by now, Tuesday horoscopes are on an as-available basis. Currently I write two monthly horoscopes, which run the first two Tuesdays that the Sun is in a new sign. The rest of the Tuesdays, I send a letter. Today, you get a letter: about a chart I will be using later today to write Friday’s horoscope — that is, Saturday’s Aquarius New Moon.

Three (or Four) Takes on Mars Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis

We’re now well into Mars retrograde; our closest planetary neighbor stations direct in about a month, on March 10 in the first degree of Leo. It then spends the next three months working its way back across that sign. That’s how Mars works; due to its retrograde, it spends up to seven months in one sign, then covers the other 11 signs in about 17 months.