Monthly Archives: December 2009

Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of the Moon

Posted by Eric Francis

It’s New Year’s Eve and we have an eclipse of the Moon in Cancer — the sign ruled by the Moon. Eclipses represent dependable transitions; this is fitting astrology for the end of a year, and even a decade. Yet by our calendar, this is not technically the end of the decade; that’s a year from now.

Earth Stations Retrograde

Posted by Eric Francis

We’re now in that special moment: two planets stationing retrograde, two eclipses are on the way and Jupiter is making conjunctions. The first-ever Capricorn solstice conjunct Pluto is about to happen, in a square to Saturn. The Sun is now conjunct the Galactic Core. Everything really is happening at once. Many astrologers have observed that the gods have a demented sense of humor. Welcome to it.

Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune: We Live in the Technosphere

Posted by Eric Francis

Over the past few days, we experienced the conclusion of the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius. This has been working out all year; this week’s was the third of three contacts since May, then July. I believe this is one of those aspects that future astrologers are going to look back on, associate directly with the historical developments of our era and wonder: what on Earth was it like to live through that?